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The above system is for beginners, or users that are just beginning to learn a particular medical domain. The tutor gives students the ability to draw support links between hypotheses (potential diagnoses) and findings in order to facilitate learning of diagnostic rules. It provides users with immediate feedback for each identified item. The tutor makes sure that every case is completely solved, meaning not only is the correct diagnosis asserted, but also all relevant findings have been found and all student errors have been addressed. The above system is for more advanced users. This system does not provide feedback to the user until the user either requests a hint (help), or puts the wrong diagnosis for the case. The case is considered solved if users assert a correct diagnosis, regardless of whether asserted findings are correct or not. Students also have the option to finish the case without correctly solving it. When a case is submitted, the right answer is shown to the user.

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Minimum Requirements: Java 1.6 or above, 512 MB RAM, Broadband Internet connection