About SlideTutor

SlideTutor is a new kind of medical educational system that provides a virtual apprenticeship

  • simulated environment for learning accurate pathologic diagnosis and reporting
  • can be used by pathology residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists
  • uses “virtual slides” that you can examine just as you would look at cases under your microscope
  • provides space for you to describe what you are seeing and deciding, as well as space to type your report
  • monitors your work, and steps in with helpful explanations if you make a mistake
  • gives advice when you need help
  • keeps track of how you are learning, and adapts its' interaction to fit your specific educational needs

Studies in our laboratory have shown that SlideTutor is highly effective. On average, students are able to improve their diagnostic and reporting performance by a factor of four after as little as 4 hours of use of the system. [1][2]

There are currently 300 tutor cases in two areas of dermatopathology: melanocytic lesions and inflammatory skin diseases. We will be adding over 1000 cases in a variety of other domains over the next 5 years, as part of a grant from the National Cancer Institute.

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[1] Crowley RS, Legowski E, Medvedeva, OM, Tseytlin E, Roh E and Jukic D. Evaluation of an Intelligent Tutoring System in Pathology: Effects of External Representation on Performance Gains, Metacognition, and Acceptance. JAMIA 14(2): 182-190; 2007
[2] Saadawi GM, Tseytin E, Legowski E, Jukic D, Castine M, and Crowley RS. A natural language intelligent tutoring system for training pathologists: implementation and evaluation. Adv Health Sci Educ Theory Pract. 2007 [in press];